Hymn XIII.


The stream of life from fountains flows,1
Conceal’d by sacred woods and caves ;2
From crag to dell uncheck’d it goes,3
And hurrying fast from where it rose,4
In foam and flash exulting raves.5


But straight below the torrent’s leap,6
Serenely bright its effluence lies,7
And waves that thunder’d down the steep8
Are hush’d in quiet, mute and deep,9
Reflecting rock, and trees, and skies.10


And ’mid the pool, disturb’d yet clear,11
The noisy gush that feeds it still12
Is seen again descending sheer,13
A cataract within the mere,14
As bright as down the hill.15


A living picture, smooth and true,16
Of headlong fight and restless power,17
Whose burst for ever feeds anew18
The lake of fresh and silver dew19
That paints and drinks the stormy shower.20


So Thought, with crystal mirror, shows21
Our human joy, and strife, and pain ;22
And ghostly dreams, and passion’s woes,23
The tide of failures, hates, and foes,24
Are softly figured there again.25


Do Thou, who pourest forth our days,26
With all their floods of life divine,27
Bestow thy Spirit’s peaceful gaze,28
To still the surge those tumults raise,29
And make thy calm of being mine !30