Poems whose dominant rhyme scheme is: abaab

Total poems: 22
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
Youth Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym “Delta,” ∆) 1820-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8765
Hymn XIII Sterling, John 1840-03 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11456
Departing Emigrant’s Song Smibert, Thomas 1840-05-09 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 4392
The Land of Freedom Arbington 1840-06-27 The Chartist Circular 39
The Battle 1840-10-03 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12305
Whig and Tory. A Metrical Meditation 1840-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11313
The White Slave’s Murmurs Whitelocke, Samuel 1840-12-05 The Chartist Circular 62
To a Sleeping Infant 1842-03-05 The Chartist Circular 141
The Friend of Greece Garnett, Richard 1860-02 Macmillan’s Magazine 13890
The Mistake. (An Old Gem Reset) Johnson, James W. 1860-02-11 Once a Week 257
Shâh Noshirân, King of Persia 1860-05-26 Once a Week 12397
She and I William, C. P. 1860-07-07 Once a Week 278
Temujin H. P. (poet; Once a Week) 1860-12-01 Once a Week 302
The Philosopher and the Monkey 1870-02-12 All the Year Round 3809
Isabel Reid, Maria 1870-05-14 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7252
Auf Wiederseh’n Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1871-05 The Dark Blue 173
The Viking’s Death Close, Charles A. 1880-06-26 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7310
The Death of the Year 1880-12-25 All the Year Round 4561
Equal Love Nesbit, Edith 1890 Woman’s World 1061
A Winter Ditty Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1890-01-18 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13124
A Morning Song Strange, Edward F. 1890-09 Atalanta 2044
The Moor Loch Bain, Robert 1900-03-03 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12437