Departing Emigrant’s Song.

On the hills of our fathers the sunset is streaming,1
I see their brown peaks from the wave :2
Upon them in splendour the day-god is beaming,3
That cherished more fondly may be, in our dreaming,4
The last glimpse of home which he gave.5
We thank thee, bright sun ! for we still would remember6
The scenes that around us have smiled ;7
Our theme shall they be on the eves of December,8
When brightly and cheerily glows the red ember,9
Afar on our hearths of the wild.10
Our children shall hear of their forefathers’ glory,11
And lisp in the tongue which they spake ;12
The triumphs of peace, and the victor-fields gory,13
Embalmed in our songs, and recorded in story,14
Their young emulation shall wake.15
Yes, Scotland ! by us in our joy and our sorrow,16
Thy name ever hallowed shall be ;17
Though far from thy shores shall we be ere the morrow,18
A gem from thy crown shall we strive still to borrow,19
And ever be worthy of thee.20