A woman is standing outdoors with a young girl on her shoulder. The woman has her right arm wrapped around the girl’s leg and is holding the girl’s left hand in her left hand. The child is holding her right arm up in the air. There are trees in the background. Full-page frontispiece contained within a single-ruled rectangular border.

A Morning Song.

Facsimile of Edward F. Strange’s signature. 1/32 page.
Oh ! the roses were wet as with wine,1
When my love passed through2
Her garden fair, ere the sun did shine3
Red and heavy, and wet with the wine4
Of the morning dew.5
One white star shone in the dawn,6
Shone dimly afar7
And my love is come from her curtains drawn8
At the silent hour of the early dawn ;9
When sweet thoughts are.10
Clad she in cendaline,11
White and pure gold12
A rose-crown wears as beseems a queen,13
Roses and robe of cendaline,14
And a rose to hold.15
That rose in her dainty hand16
She shall give to me !17
Or ever the first sweet breeze has fanned18
My lady’s cheek, I shall clasp her hand19
So fair to see.20
And or ever the first sweet birdie’s song21
Shall have upward flown,22
For ever shall end my waiting long,23
And my lady shall list to my love-song,24
Whom she loveth alone !25