The Envious Roses.

[The following lines were written on observing the Forget-me-
growing near a rose-tree in full bloom, of the kind called
the Pronville Rose, the leaves of which are tinged with blue,
and which may be seen in the highest perfection during the
month of June, at Lee’s nursery, Hammersmith, where there
are above twelve hundred varieties of that delicate flower.]
A pretty blue-eyed laughing flower1
Grew wildly near a myrtle bower,2
Where many roses graced the spot,3
Who envied the—Forget-me-not.4
Ah, simple flower !”  the roses cried,5
You boast a power to us denied ;6
You speak the language of the heart,7
Whilst fragrance only we impart.”8
At length the roses jealous grew,9
And stole the wild flow’r’s tinge of blue,10
Exclaiming, “ Ah, how blest our lot !11
We’re now like you—Forget-me-not.12