Where is Yesterday?

A little boy, Ernst H——, says to his Mother : This is
to-day—To-morrow is coming; but, Where is Yester-
day ?’
Mother ! some things I want to know,1
Which puzzle and confuse me so.2
To-day is present, as you say ;3
But tell me, Where is Yesterday ?4
I did not see it as it went ;5
I only know how it was spent6
In play, and pleasure, though in rain ;7
Then why won’t it come back again ?8
To-day, the sun shines bright and clear ;9
But then, To-morrow’s drawing near.10
To-day—oh, do not go away !11
And vanish like dear Yesterday.12
’Tis when the sun and all the light13
Has gone, and darkness brings the night,14
It seems to me, you steal away,15
And change your name to Yesterday.16
And will all Time be just the same ?17
To-day—the only name remain ?18
And shall I always have to say,19
To-morrow, you’ll be Yesterday ?20
I wonder, when we go to heaven,21
If there a record will be given22
Of all our thoughts and all our ways,23
Writ on the face of Yesterdays ?24
If so, I pray, God grant to me25
That mine a noble life may be ;26
For then, I’ll greet with joyous gaze27
The dear, lost face of—Yesterdays.’28