She Never Told Her Love.

Oh, no ! she never told her love, nor dreamt that mortal knew1
What made that once bright cheek so pale, and dimmed those
eyes of blue ;
Or what unbidden bade the tear from those bright eyes to flow3
She hid her sorrow in her heart ; but was it hid ?  Ah, no !4
For oft the blushing cheek would tell, the quivering lip reveal,5
What in her young, o’erburdened hear, she struggled to conceal.6
They saw her slender graceful form grow thinner every day ; 7
They marked the smile upon her cheek, like sunshine, pass away.8
And, like a worm within the bud, love on her cheek did prey, 9
Till rest forsook her sleepless couch, and peace her thoughts by day;10
And wand’ring reason almost fled, and left her fallen throne;11
And grief grew weary of its tears, and love itself was gone.12
But yet she ne’er confessed her grief, nor whispered to the air13
The passion of a slighted love, the cause of all her care.14
Guiltless she lived, yet lonely died, for none could soothe her woe15
She sleeps where wildflowers sadly wave, where sighing breezes blow.16