I askèd of the pallid moon,1
Whether my love would love me soon ;2
I askèd of the sapphire star,3
Whether from love she still were far.4
I askèd of the violet,5
Whether she would not love me yet ;6
And of the pansy’s yellow quill,7
If she would be unheeding still.8
Alas ! they all replied to me9
She loves not thee ! she loves not thee !’10
I askèd of the fickle wind,11
Whether she still would be unkind ;12
I askèd of the flowing river,13
If she would love me never, never.14
I asked the woods in green array,15
If she would always say me nay ;16
I asked the happy sky above,17
If she would never, never love.18
Alas ! they all replied to me19
She loves not thee ! she loves not thee !’20
Then said I to the pallid moon,21
I’ll love her neither late nor soon ; ’22
Then said I to the sapphire star,23
I care not if her love be far.’24
Pansy I told and violet,25
She might, for I should quite forget;26
And fickle wind and flowing river,27
That I would love her never, never.28
I told green woods and sky above,29
To tell her I would never love,30
To thank her for so much disdain31
As had me eased of so much pain.32