Cameronian Song.


Blood lies on the valley, blood lies on the mountain ;1
Blood lies in the green glen, and flows in the fountain ;—2
Has the red-deer been there as the shaft left the quiver ?3
No, that blood cries to heaven for ever and ever.4


Lo ! him who has spilt it, I hearken him crying,5
As a babe at the birth time, beneath the sword dying :—6
Lo ! him who decreed it, while nobles were kneeling,7
His robe is a rag, and his palace a shealing.8


O ye proud one’s of Scotland, dark woes are preparing,9
God’s hand o’er the necks of the mighty is baring ;10
The avenger in heaven has hung out a token,11
For the spilt blood of saints, and for covenants broken.12


O mourn for the gray dame, and weep for the daughter,13
The hooded crow’s screaming to stoop on the slaughter ;14
In thy best blood the war-horse shall swim like a river,15
And Sorrosyke-moor shall bring sorrow for ever.16


And yet, though I weep for the nobles’ revilement,17
The scoff of thy crowned one—the Church’s defilement,18
Oh a warmer tear comes when I think that thy glory19
Shall set like yon sun, and be silent in story.20