The Bridge of the Hundred Spans

Figure descriptions
Four men sit in a circle and appear to converse. All four men wear hats and collared shirts. The most prominent of the four men sits atop a barrel and smokes a pipe. The others star at him. The illustrated poem title appears on a banner above the four figures. The banner’s extremities extend into multiple curled ribbons. 1/3 page.
A bearded man is depicted from the knees up. He appear to be in motion: he looks into the distance and gestures with his left hand. His right arm is tied up in a sling, but his right hand appear to be missing. The man wear a hat and a jacket. 1/6 page.
A woman stands, turns to her left, and looks into the distance. She holds a lantern at her side with her right hand. The woman’s hair appears to blow in the wind. 1/6 page.
Two engine-men carry the woman from the third illustration; they hold her by her knees and her under arms. The woman’s eyes are closed and she appears weak and limp. Women gather around them; they look toward the central woman with a look of concern on their faces. A building is visible in the background. 1/3 page.