The Stay-At-Home. (After Claudian)

Figure descriptions
A tree with low, flowering branches extends across the forefront of the illustration. A sign is placed in front of the tree and there is a flag pole behind the sign. Trees and foliage stand in the background behind a wooden fence. A building with a weather vane rises above the tree line. Full- page illustration.
Sheaves of wheat are piled together in a field. Trees fill the background. This portion of the illustration is partially contained within a single-ruled rectangular border with curved edged. A second rectangular border with curved edges surrounds the first one. The area between the two borders is lightly shaded. Enlarged stems of wheat stretch across the illustration, both in front of and behind the central illustration. 1/3 page.
Illustration is divided into two sections. The left side is roughly twice the size of the right side. The left side shows large flowers and buds, which extend from the lower-right corner towards the left side of the illustration. The right side shows wheat growing in a field. There are dark clouds in the sky. 1/3-page illustration contained within a rectangular single-ruled border with curved edges.
Two men work in a field with their backs turned toward the viewer. They walk and use tools to cut wheat. The cut wheat lies on the ground behind them. Trees and other foliage line the background. The top of a building can be seen beyond the tree line. 1/2 page.