Two Babes. A Midwinter Bucolic

Figure descriptions
Two children stand side by side with their arms outstretched and palms facing up. The child on the left looks straight ahead toward the viewer, and the child on the right looks sideways toward the other child. They both wear robes and no shoes. Both children have haloes of light around their heads. They are also encircled by a ring of light. 1/32 page.
A crowned woman with a hooded cape kneels down and looks over two children. She places her hand on the children’s backs. The children wear robes and no shoes. The child on the left appears to either kiss the other child’s cheek or whisper in their ear. The woman and the children all have haloes of light around their heads. They stand in front of a brick house. Multiple cherubs look down upon the figures from under the eaves-troughs. An old man stands at the right of the illustration. He turns his back on the central figures and looks at them from over his shoulder. The man holds a large bundle of sticks. There is a settlement in the distance. It is winter; snow covers the ground and roofs. Stars shine in the sky. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.