Figure descriptions
A series of wooden poles intertwined with vines divides one multi-part illustration into three sections. In the first section, a woman is visible from the waist up. She looks to her left and touches her fingers to her mouth. Behind her, there is a manor house with foliage and trees. In the second section, a man with a moustache is visible from the waist up. He folds his left arm across his chest, places his right elbow on his left hand, and holds his head in his right hand. He tilts his head downward but gazes up. Trees stand behind him. In the third section, a tomb stone stands in the shadows of a graveyard . Three symbols descend from the top-edge of the wooden pole dividing the second and third sections and hover above the graveyard scene: a snake, a human skull, and a moth. 1/2-page illustration descends the full left half of the page.