The Wise Men of Gotham

Figure descriptions
The poem title is written on a long ribbon in hand-drawn lettering. The ribbon winds down the page around and below the poem text and continues this pattern for the following four pages. Below the poem title, there is a jester’s bauble (or, marotte) entwined in a fine string. “INTRODUCTION” appears in hand-drawn lettering to the right of the bauble and below the poem title.
A boy sits atop a stone plinth at a crossroad and looks up to consult a four-way sign. The stone plinth reads “XI / MILES / ANYWHERE”. Three of the four directional signs are legible: they read “ANYWHERE”, “SOMEWHERE”, and “WHERE”. The boy wears a hat and carries a rucksack in which he has secured an umbrella. The background features hills, grasses, and countryside scenery. Below the illustration and a decorative ribbon, “THE LOST BROTHER” appears in hand-drawn lettering. 1/6 page.
A group of twelve boys stand together. One boy stands in front of the other eleven and appears to be speaking to his peers. He is depicted from the rear. The other boys appear to be thinking: many of them adopt inquisitive postures, touching their hands to their mouths or scratching their heads. All of the boys wear near-identical tunics and hats. One holds a stick in his left hand. 1/3 page.
A group of eleven boys sit together. One boy stands in front of the other eleven and appears to be counting his peers. 1/3 page.
A travelling jester stands with his hands on his hips. He dresses in a tunic, a cape, a belt, pointy shoes, and a cap that comes to a point at the left and right extremities. The hat has small bells at the ends. The jester appears to hold a simple bauble. 1/6 page.
A travelling jester addresses a group of boys. He smiles while peering at the boys through one open eye and holds his right hand to his chin. Only the boys’ hats and shoulders are visible. They appear to be looking up toward the jester’s face. 1/6 page.
A travelling jester looks down toward a group of boys who all lie face down on the ground. The jester is depicted from the rear. His bauble is tucked into his belt at the back. He bends with his hands on his knees over top of the boys. Some of the boys have removed their hats and some have their feet in the air. 1/3 page.
A group of eleven boys embrace each other and dance. They divide themselves into three groups. At the left, multiple boys embrace. In the middle, two boys hold hands and dance. At the right, two boys embrace while dancing away. 1/3 page.
A smiling jester looks toward a group of boys. He holds his bauble behind his back. The boys appear to be in distress. Many of them hold their backsides with one or both arms. Two boys are on the ground: one is keeled over and the other sits with his arms up and his face in his forearms. The second boy appears to be crying. Sparse grass lines the background. 1/2 page.
Eleven hats lie on the ground. Some hats are upturned. 1/4 page.