The First of June

Figure descriptions
Illustrated poem page composed of multiple scenes. The boundaries among illustrated scenes are blurred. In the top left corner, a flock of sheep stands in an open field. There are wild flowers in the foreground and trees in the background. The sun shines over hills in the distance. This illustrated scene borders a first section of the poem text along the top and left edges. There is a shaded, single-ruled border in-between this scene and the top-left corner of the poem text. In the bottom right corner, a butterfly flies above a bouquet of wild flowers. This butterfly is superimposed over a partial border, which extends partway along the top, right, and bottom edges of a second section of the poem text. Four additional butterflies fly in the distance along the right edge of the page. They occupy spaces in-between and adjacent to the stanzas in the first section of the poem text. A fifth butterfly flies in the bottom-left corner of the page.
Illustrations form a border around the poem text. Along the top edge, there is a scene overlooking a body of water. Rushes and lily pads grow in the water. Plants and trees line the shore. Enlarged grasses and wild flowers grow along the upper half of the left edge. Insects fly among the flowers. This illustrated scene is set into the interior of the main border, which is delineated by a single-ruled rectangle surrounding the poem text. The interior of the bottom edge is not illustrated, but merely shaded. Enlarged plants grow around the exterior edges of the border. Tall grasses grow along the top edge and into the upper quarter of the right edge. Small birds perch on the grasses. Grasses and wild flowers grow around the exterior of the bottom-left corner. Some of the flowers break the border line. 1/2 page.
Illustrated poem page composed of multiple scenes. The boundaries among illustrated scenes are blurred. In the top right corner, a large tree grows along the banks of a body of water. The tree has split and part of it hangs over the water’s surface. Wild flowers grow along the shore and there are grasses in the water. Beginning approximately halfway down the page, a partial border visually separates two sections of the poem text. The rectangular border extends along the top edge of the bottom section, and slightly down the left and right edges. A twisting floral branch grows behind the border; it peeks out along the top edge and descends the left side of the page. It features leaves, flower buds, and blooming flowers. Butterflies fly next to the branch. 1/2 page.
Woodland scenery. Birds fly next to trees in a wooded area. The tree branches form a thin canopy over head, and plants and ferns line the ground. The ferns grow at the left side of the illustration and descend the poem page. At the center of the illustration, there is a semicircular frame, which connects to the woodland ground. A similar but different woodland scene is depicted within the frame. It appears to connect along the ground but it lacks many of the trees from the exterior scene. The scene within the frame is dimly lit. The majority of the poem text appears above and left-side adjacent to the illustrated scene; however, the final section is let in to blank space in the bottom-center portion of the page. 1/2 page.