Mount Arafa. In Two Parts

Figure descriptions
A woman leans against a tall table that is covered in an ornate cloth. A vase with flowers is placed on top of the table; the woman holds onto the vase with one hand and wraps her other arm around the table. She closes her eyes and appears to smell the flowers. The room is dimly lit, but some light streams in through the window. This window fills the back wall and is divided into rectangular sections with multiple different patterns. There is a candlestick and framed artwork on the adjacent wall, and a chair covered with an animal pelt stands in front of the artwork. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
The illustrated poem title, “MOUNT ARAFA”, is centered at the top of the illustration. A tree extends up and along the left edge; its leafy branches reach across the page, towards the top-right corner. A snake wraps itself around the trunk of the tree, facing the poem title at the top. There are four apples hanging from the branches. The ground is covered with stones, grass, and fallen leaves. Full-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border surrounding the byline and the poem letterpress.
A woman, identified in the poem text as Eve, stands on a cleared path. She turns her head to the side so that her face is shown in profile view, and lifts both arms up, placing her hands behind her neck. Her long, loose hair reaches past her hips. Behind her, the path is bordered with grass and flowers. There are trees in the distance. To Eve’s right, there is a tree with vines wrapped around it; the branches extend along the top of the illustration, growing towards the top-left corner. Full-page illustration partially contained within a multi-ruled border. Flowers extend out of the bottom-left corner of the frame.
A man and a woman, identified in the poem text as Adam and Eve, meet at night. Adam, who wears an animal pelt around his waist, walks down a cliff towards Eve with his arms extended in front of him. Eve, who wears an animal pelt secured around her bust, stands at the bottom of the cliff with one arm extended towards Adam. Her long, loose hair falls down her back. She does not look at Adam; instead, she glances toward the left side of the illustration. The figures are surrounded by low cliffs and plants (including mushrooms). In the distance, a tree grows beside the cliffs; the full moon is low in the sky behind the tree. Full-page illustration partially contained within a multi-ruled border. Plants break the border on the lower-left and lower-right sides, and the ground extends out of the bottom-right corner.
A stylized branch with flowers and buds extends across the page. 1/4 page.