Royal Heart

Figure descriptions
An old woman sits in a chair. Her long, full skirt is draped around her body. A bird is perched on the back of her chair. Behind her, a boy, identified in the poem text as a king’s son, lies on a raised platform. The platform is accessed by steps that curve along the left side of the illustration. The boy wraps his head in his arms and cries. A window with decorative panes fills the back wall. The panes feature circles, squares, and other decorations, including a heart, a crown, and a flower. One section of the window is opened and a key is inserted into a key hole near the window latch. Rain falls outside the window. Through another section of the window, the head of a knight can be seen. He carries an axe above his head. The front of the room, near the older woman’s feet, is filled with children’s toys, including a rocking horse, a toy soldier, a drum, and a ball. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
Illustration is placed on a scroll and contains multiple scenes. On the left, a figure sleeps in a bed. A rabbit sits on the blankets and looks at the figure. The scroll appears to be folded over, and this portion of the illustration is placed on the verso. On the right, a figure who wears a hat and cape crouches down and looks at another figure. This figure appears to emerge from the ground with their hands held up above their head. To the left of this figure and below the sleeping figure, another rabbit sits in the darkness, tuned away from the viewer. There are trees in the background. The hand-drawn poem title, “Royal Heart”, is placed in the bottom-right corner of the illustration. 1/3 page.
A boy, identified in the poem text as a king’s son, lounges on a throne. His legs are crossed under his body and he holds his arms above his head. His head tilts to the side. The boy is surrounded by men and women. Some of the men wear turbans and are identified in the poem text as Middle Eastern and South Asian slaves; one such man kneels beside the boy and fans him. In the background, another man holds an axe. On the other side of the boy, one figure holds a large palm leaf above the boy. Below the steps to the throne, a figure with a walking stick bows low before the king’s son. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
A woman sits on the ground. Her knees are pulled into her chest and she rests her arms on them. She rests her head on her arms. Large roots loosely wrap around her body and a crown is placed on the ground next to her. 1/64 page.
Two women stand in front of a tree and look at one another. The trees leaves extend out symmetrically on either side of the trunk, behind the women. The woman on the right carries a large leaf. There are plants and rabbits at their feet. A decorated plate hangs from the tree on the left side; it features a heart and a crown. 1/32 page.