Ballads of All Countries. England. Robin Hood and the Widow’s Sons

Figure descriptions
Two men stand on a country path. The younger man stands on the left with his back turned toward the viewer. He wears a feathered hat, a capelet, a tunic, and tights. He carries a sword and a horn on his belt. The younger man reaches his arm out straight toward the older man, who stands in profile view. The older man has a long beard and wears a wide brimmed hat and a cloak. His hat and cloak at decorated with sea shells. He carries a satchel at his waist and uses a cane. There are ferns and other plants along the sides of the paths. A settlement stands in the background. A flock of birds flies in the sky. Full-page illustration.
The illustrated poem title appears in hand-drawn Gothic style lettering. The poem title is superimposed onto an illustrated scene. In the bottom-left corner, below the word “Ballad” and above the word “England”, two men stand and look into the distance. The man on the left wears a wide brimmed hat and a patched cloak. He carries a satchel at his waist and blows a horn. The man on the right wears a hat, a coat, and tights. He bends over and walks with a cane. To their right, an animal stands next to a small bush. An armed cavalry rides toward the figures from across a field. They hold their swords and spears in the air. 1/3 page.
A crowd gathers in a field and looks toward a gallows. Cord hangs from the gallows but there are no visible bodies. A knight sits on his horse at the back of the crowd. Multiple figures run and walk toward the crowd from the distance. 1/3 page.