Ballads of All Countries. Ireland. Kincora

Figure descriptions
A shadowy scene depicted in the moonlight. In the foreground, an indistinct, cloaked figure stands with their arm raised. They stand next to a broken tree and in front of a small body of water. The body of water is surrounded by tall grasses. The figure and the full moon are reflected in the water’s surface. A bat flies close to the water. A castle stands atop a tall hill in the background. The full moon is high in the sky. Full-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.
Tailpiece features a young fairy girl within a single-ruled circular border. She hold up her dress with her right hand and gathers flowers in its folds like a basket. She wears a floral crown and holds a bouquet of flowers up in her left hand. There are silhouetted trees in the background. A long floral stem grows behind the circular frame from the bottom-left to the upper-right corner. It has multiple composite leaves and a single flower. 1/3 page.