Fair and False.

A woman standing and holding two marionette puppets that have heart-shaped heads. An angel is standing to her left. Illustration is surrounded by a stylized curved border. 1/2 page.
There was a tender beauty in her face,1
A smile like magic,2
A mystic light within her soft dark eyes,3
Half gay—half tragic ;4
As if the better angel of her life5
At times were grieving,6
To find that one so fair and young could be7
Ever deceiving.8
For, shame to tell ! she trifled with two hearts,9
With both coquetting,10
And so I tore her image from my breast,11
My love forgetting.12
Yet blame not all because deceit lay shrined13
In heart so youthful ;14
For one false woman, trust me, you will find15
Ten thousand truthful !16
A man standing and holding a doll in his out-stretched arm; he is pulling his body away from the doll. There is a destroyed framed painting of a woman on the floor. 1/4 page.