Poem by Queen Elizabeth

Figure descriptions
A woman, identified in the poem text as Queen Elizabeth I, walks down outdoor steps. She holds a torn letter in one hand and holds her other hand to her chest. She looks down toward the ground. Queen Elizabeth is followed by multiple men and woman, many of whom look in her direction. The edge of a fountain is visible in the bottom-left corner, in front of the Queen. Multiple birds gather on the ground in front of the fountain, and one flies above it. Plants grow along the top edge of the building and vines climb an adjacent wall. Full page.
Branches with leaves and acorns form a border around the poem letterpress. Some parts of the border extend into the poem space; in these sections, the letterpress is placed around the illustration. A bird flies between two sections of the poem text.
Queen Elizabeth I sits atop a saddled horse in front of a tower. She is surrounded by soldiers, one of whom holds a large banner over her head. A wooden fence runs along the left side of the illustration. Some of the men hold spears out over the fence. Other men walk along the other side of the fence. Full page.