The Crusader’s Flower

Figure descriptions
Two lances form an X shape behind an illustration, which is contained within a circular border. There are flags at the tips of the lances and leafy branches in-between them. Within the circular border, a knight of the crusades sits on the ground and picks a wild flower. The scene is dark. The knight wears a metal helmet and holds a scythe over his shoulder. His robe has a knight’s templar cross on its arm. 1/3 page.
A woman and a child sit at a grave decorated with the knight’s templar cross. The child touches the grave stone and looks up toward the woman. It is dark and there are trees in the background. This illustration is contained within a half-circle frame with a decorated border. There is a leaf in the centre of the straight bottom edge. A trellis interwoven with vines ascends from the top curved edge. The vines have leaves and tendrils. 1/3 page.