A Climb at Rouen

Figure descriptions
The illustrated poem title is positioned across the top edge of the illustration in hand-drawn Gothic lettering. A vegetal pattern with fleurons, foliates, and small tendrils is interwoven among the letters. There is an illustrated cityscape beneath the title, which is partially contained under a semicircular border. The Rouen Cathedral stands at the center of the cityscape. Its tallest spire ascends through the sky and breaks the border’s top edge; the spire forms the left edge of the letter “m” in the word “climb”. The city extends around the cathedral. Smoke emits from chimneys and nestles among the roof tops. The waning crescent moon is visible behind a wisp of dark clouds. The bottom half of the cityscape descends the page beyond the semicircular border and fades into the background. The background appears lightly shaded. 3/4 page.
View of a niched wall on the exterior of the Rouen cathedral. Large pillars divide the wall into three sections, each with nine decorative recesses (niches). Statues of men and women in long robes are tucked into the niches. There are two gargoyles at the top of the middle section. The niche at the center of the middle section has crumbled away. 1/2-page vignette.