Buchanan, Robert Williams (M)

Surname: Buchanan
Forename(s): Robert Williams
b. 18 August 1841. d. 10 June 1901. Nationality: Scottish. VIAF.
Poet, translator, novelist, playwright, critic. Pseudonyms: B., R. B., P., Thomas Maitland, Walter Hutcheson,R. B. and John Banks. Alternate signatures: R. W. Buchanan, R. Williams Buchanan, and Robert Buchanan. Son of Robert Buchanan. Born at Caverswall, Staffordshire, but moved to Glasgow in 1850. He continued to move between England and Scotland throughout his life. Contributed to The Athenaeum and All the Year Round. Acquainted with George Eliot, Robert Browning, Charles Dickens, and Walt Whitman. Author of the notorious review, The Fleshly School of Poetry (1871), which controversially attacked the poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Algernon Charles Swinburne. Biographical information: ODNB. (CC, AC)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 44
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Down the River 1860-09-15 All the Year Round Poet 2826
Forgiven 1860-12-22 All the Year Round Poet 2838
Snow 1860-12-29 All the Year Round Poet 2839
An Artisan’s Story 1861-04 Good Words Poet 376
Souvenirs 1861-07-27 Once a Week Poet 838
Sir Tristem 1862-03-22 Once a Week Poet 888
Wife and I 1862-06-21 Once a Week Poet 902
Maid Avoraine 1862-07-19 Once a Week Poet 908
Merlin and the White Death 1864-02-20 Once a Week Poet 560
A’Beckett’s Troth 1864-05-14 Once a Week Poet 585
Una, the Moon-Fay; Or, the Vision of Chastity 1864-09-24 Once a Week Poet 694
Langley Lane. A Love Poem 1865 Good Words Poet 1744
Willie Baird: a Winter Idyll 1865-03 The Cornhill Magazine Poet 12000
Verner Ravn: A Drama 1865-12 The Argosy Poet 16125
Hermioné 1865-12 The Argosy Poet 16124
Artist and Model: A London Poem 1866-01 The Argosy Poet 16129
In London, March 1866 1866-04 The Argosy Poet 16141
The Bachelor Dreams 1866-05 The Argosy Poet 16144
Cuckoo Song 1866-07 The Argosy Poet 16151
A London Lyric 1866-09 The Argosy Poet 16160
Up in an Attic 1866-10 The Argosy Poet 16161
The Lead-Melting 1866-11 The Argosy Poet 16165
Agnes. (After Oehlenschläger) 1866-11 The Argosy Translator 16164
Convent-Robbing 1866-11 The Argosy Poet 16167
The Wake of Tim O’Hara 1869-07-17 All the Year Round Poet 3695
The Mountain Brook. In Three Sonnets 1869-07-24 All the Year Round Poet 3696
The Summer Pool 1869-08-28 All the Year Round Poet 3701
Dame Martha’s Well 1869-11-13 All the Year Round Translator 3711
Earth’s Shadows 1870-01-08 All the Year Round Poet 3804
The Maiden and the Leper 1870-03-26 All the Year Round Poet 3815
A Lark’s Flight 1870-05-01 Good Words Poet 2018
Dame Martha’s Well. (After Christian Winther) 1870-10-01 Good Words Translator 2097
Clari in the Well 1871 Good Words Poet 2122
The Neighbour 1871 Good Words Poet 2131
Spring Song in the City 1871 Good Words Poet 2112
“Tiger Bay:” A Windy Night’s Dream 1871 Good Words Poet 2119
The Bookworm 1871-10-21 All the Year Round Poet 4039
Will O’the Wisp. (A ballad written for Clari, on a Stormy Night) 1872 Good Words Poet 2140
The Strange Country 1872 Good Words Poet 2146
Vanity Fair 1872 Good Words Poet 2143
The Mountain Well 1872 Good Words Poet 2155
Cinderella. A Child’s Song of the Season 1876 Good Words Poet 2620
The Secret of the Mere 1876 Good Words Poet 2608
The Ballad of Lord Langshaw 1892-10 Atalanta Poet 2223