Will O’the Wisp. (A ballad written for Clari, on a Stormy Night)

Figure descriptions
A young woman sleeps in a bed of clouds with one hand on her stomach and the other above her head. A bright light radiates from a cracked window above her bed. A curtain covers the lower half of the window; it is tied up with bows at both sides. A small devil kneels on the top edge of the curtain and smiles mischievously at the sleeping woman. The devil raises both arms in the air. Dimly lit exterior scenes surround the window. In the top-right corner, smoke billows out of a chimney and obscures a full moon. In the top-left corner, an owl flies in front of a building to which a clock is affixed. Below the sleeping woman, in a separate scene, a standing man slumps over a table. He holds a drink and has a pained expression on his face. Beside him, two men engage in a brawl. One man pins the other to the ground. His wig lies on the ground next to an illuminated pipe and cigar, and also a broken candle stick. A chair stands behind the brawling men. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.