The Ballad of Lord Langshaw

Figure descriptions
A man in classical dress sits on a throne. He looks out upon multiple men and women who sit or stand around the room. He wears a laurel crown and holds a scroll; the illustration caption specifies that he is reading from Homer’s works. One figure, who wears a floral crown, stands against the back wall. Another figure lies on their stomach on the floor; they rest their chin in their hand as they look up toward the throne. A woman who wears a floral crown lounges on a bench in the background. She holds the hand of another man who sits on the ground in front of her. This man holds a lyre. On the bench next to one of the women, a tambourine and some fruit are displayed. Full-page illustration contained within a triple-ruled border.
Facsimile of Robert Buchanan’s signature. 1/32 page.