Vanity Fair

Figure descriptions
A couple walks through the Vanity Fair. The woman looks at the figures around her with a frightened expression on her face. The man holds her hand between their chests and puts his arm over her shoulder. There are circus performers, musicians, and peculiar sights around them. At the left side of the illustration, two figures stand on a wagon, which is inscribed with the name “DR PARACELSUS AGRIPPA.” One man holds up a flare that reads “ELIXER OF LOVE.” The other figure, who is dressed as a jester, bends down and reaches an arm toward the couple. In the foreground, in front of the wagon on the left and beside the couple’s feet, a costumed monkey chases a pig and pulls at its tail. At the right side of the illustration, a man stands on a wagon and simultaneously plays the drum and the pan flute. In the background, a giant skeleton dances while playing a violin. Multiple costumed figures hold hands and dance in a circle around the skeleton. One figure holds a sword up in the air. The façade of a building is visible in the distance. In the top-right corner, above the building, two figures are suspended in a crane. One figure appears to reach out toward the building. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
A man kneels before Christ, who appears to him on a hill top at night. The man bows his head to his knee. Christ stands before two silhouetted figures who hang crucified from tall posts. Christ touches his hand to one of the posts. The full moon is low on the horizon and there are stars in the sky. There are small wild flowers near the kneeling man. In the background, a winding path leads toward the wall of a settlement. The top of a building is visible beyond the wall, although it is obscured by thick smoke. 1/2 page.