The Apple-Trees

Figure descriptions
A man works in a cider orchard. He bends over and faces away from the viewer, and appears to be using a spade. There is a large basket on the ground to his left. There are multiple trees within the fenced orchard as well as bushes, wild flowers, and logs. A beehive sits on the ground behind the man, in between a log and a tree trunk. There is a house in the background as well as additional trees. 1/2-page illustration contained within a medium-weight border.
A man with a long white beard brews cider in a wooden cask. He wears a hat and an apron. The man uses a long ladle to skim the top of the cider and holds a metal pail in his other hand. A second cask lies on its side next to the main cask. The cider skimming takes place inside a brick building with a wooden door and a stone floor. There is a broom propped against the wall behind the man. A large cider press stands against an adjacent wall. 1/4-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.