All Hallow Eve

Figure descriptions
Four young women and a cat kneel and sit in front of an oven. One woman holds food in tongs over the fire, while a second woman reaches her hand towards the heat. A kettle sits on top of the stove. Behind the four women, two kittens play with one of the women’s skirts. There is a plate of food on the ground behind the kittens, and morsels of food spill onto the floor. Beside the women, a man leans over and smokes a pipe. A second man and a fifth woman stand and converse beside the smoking man. In the background, a woman pours apples into a barrel of water. A crowd of women and children surround the barrel. There is a clock on the wall. Dishes line a cabinet in the background. 2/3-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
A boy leans his upper-body into a barrel of water. He appears to be bobbing for apples. Three other boys surround the barrel. Water splashes out of the barrel. 1/12 page.