Once a Week

Figure descriptions
The illustrated periodical and poem title, "Once a Week," is drawn in small capitals. Each letter is formed out of tree bark. Thin twigs extend from some of the letters. The twigs are curved and contain multiple small leaves. 1/8 page.
A woman sits in a box at a theatre. She is dressed in a lavish, layered gown, and her hair is decorated with flowers. Her hands are held together in her lap. A pair of opera glasses are placed on a small table beside her. 1/6 page.
Multiple figures gather outdoors. Two women walk from the left of the illustration to the centre, carrying shoes. The second woman also carries an issue of Once a Week. A young girl walks beside the women, pulling a hat down over her eyes. At the right side of the illustration, a large man sits on a chair, gripping the back of a second chair with his outstretched right arm. Behind him, a girl pulls his hat off of his head. A small dog walks away from the man, holding a cane in his mouth. The girl’s hat lies on the ground beside the dog. There is a large tree behind the man, and more off in the distance. 1/2 page.
A family relaxes at the sea shore. A woman sits on a beach and reads. She is depicted in profile view. In front of her, a man lies on his stomach, facing the viewer, with a pile of sand between his hands. At her side, a child holds a shovel. Behind her, a second child turns away from the viewer and toward the water. In the background, there are multiple sail boats of various sizes. 1/6 page.