West End Fair September 1806

Figure descriptions
A woman walks on a grass-covered hill. She holds one hand up to her mouth and looks over her left shoulder toward a nude cherub. The cherub flies next to her. Two young fairies watch the woman and cherub from under a tree. There are additional trees in the background; their branches and leaves form a canopy which extends across the top of the illustration. There are large, twisted roots behind the woman. In the distance, beyond the trees, there is a body of water. A small boat floats on the water and land stretches behind it in the distance. Full-page illustration partially contained within a single-ruled border.
The hand-drawn poem title, “West End Fair September 1806”, is contained within a triple-ruled, frame-like border. Bunches of flowers with their stems curve around the border. A petal falls from one of the flowers. The hand-drawn poem byline appears in the bottom-right corner. 2/3 page.
Flowers with their stems curve along the left side and above a section of the poem letterpress. A petal falls from one of the flowers. 2/3 page.
Women and girls gather in a domestic space. One woman sits on a sofa and rests her chin in her palm. She looks at a second woman who stands next to the sofa and wears a large hat decorated with flowers. Two girls perch on the edge of the sofa; one girl appears to sit on the other girl’s lap. There is a vanity next to the standing woman. A large cloth covers the vanity table and a circular mirror sits on top of it. Sconces with candles frame the mirror on either side. There are two opened hat boxes on the floor. A hat sits atop an open door behind the sofa. Full page.