The Flying Dutchman

Figure descriptions
A man stands and wears a large cape over one shoulder. His hat lies on the ground near his feet. He has long, dark hair and a moustache; he holds one hand up to his moustache. The man is identified in the illustration as Van der Decken, captain of The Flying Dutchman. Full page.
The hand-drawn poem title, “The Flying Dutchman”, is superimposed over a ship’s sails. The ship sails on rough water and is set against a dark sky. Below the ship, staff lines and music notes run through the water, following the curves of the waves. The sun rises on the right side of the illustration. Sun beams extend across the illustration. There is hand-drawn sheet music, with staff lines and music notes, in the lower-right corner. 1/3 page.
Seven women gather in a domestic setting. Most of the women use spinning wheels; some of them hold yarn fibres. One woman sits in a chair and gestures toward the other women with her arms stretched out. The woman’s mouth is partially open and she appears to be telling a story. 3/4 page.
Hand-drawn sheet music composed of groups of staff lines, music notes, and lyrics. 1/4 page.
A man and a woman embrace. The man is identified in the poem text as Van der Decken, captain of The Flying Dutchman. The man and the woman hold hands. The woman looks down and the man looks at the woman. The man’s hat is placed on a table in the background. There is a stool in front of the table. A framed portrait of a man hangs on the wall. 1/4 page.