At the Grave of Mrs. Carlyle. (Haddington Abbey)

Figure descriptions
View of Haddington Abbey from the south-east. The abbey is Gothic in architectural style and it has decorated glass windows. There is damage to the façade, and stones appear to have crumbled along the top edges. Trees and gravestones stand on both sides of the abbey. A path passes by the front of the building, where there is a small body of water. The illustration is contained within an interior frame with curved top edges, and then set against a heavily shaded rectangular background. The caption is let into the illustration along the bottom edge. 1/3 page.
View of the interior Choir of Haddington Abbey (looking east). The illustration caption indicates that this Choir is the site of the poem’s titular grave. There are columns and pointed archways along the sides of the illustration, and a single decorated glass window at the center. A man stands in the shadows and looks down at a grave. 1/3-page illustration partially contained within a single-ruled border.