Nell Latore: A Tale of the Canadian Rebellion of 1885

Figure descriptions
A woman in tattered clothing and wild hair stands in a doorway. She holds the door open with one arm and holds her other arm by her side with her hand clenched in a fist. The poem caption and poem text identifies the woman as Nell Latore, a figure of the Canadian Rebellion of 1885 (also known as the North-West Rebellion or the North-West Resistance). 1/4-page vignette
Nell Latore, the woman from the first illustration, stands at the top of a trench and holds her left hand up, gesturing toward a group of soldiers. Her hair is wild and her dress is tattered. The three soldiers are dressed in full gear with helmets/hats, packs, and rifles. They all look up toward Nell Latore. There are rocks on the dirt hill in the foreground. Trees line the horizon. 1/2-page vignette.
A woman stands in a domestic space. She holds her right hand up to her head and rests her left hand on a nearby ledge. She looks at a clock, which sits on the ledge, with a worried expression on her face. Framed art hangs on the wall. 1/4-page vignette.
Nell Latore, the main figure in the first two illustrations, operates a hand-car. Her wild hair blows in the wind. Nell Latore turns to look toward a miner who points toward the right side of the illustration. There is a shack and a tree behind the miner. 1/4-page vignette.
Tailpiece features a snake wound around a decorative arrow. 1/64 page.