Rectangular illustration contained within a thick border. Within the rectangle, there are several people walking and sitting on a beach shore with one boat on the water. Behind the shore, there are several small buildings behind the cliff leading to the beach. There is a single bird outside the rectangular border and a single tree branch cuts diagonally behind the rectangular border. 1/8 page.

He and I.

Down in the yellow bay,1
A boy and girl at play,2
He and I ;3
Across the sea spring sunbeams glancing,4
White waves in airy state advancing,5
Joy in our light hearts dancing,6
While hours slip by.7
Down in the yellow bay,8
A youth and maiden gay,9
He and I ;10
Upon the sea the summer sleeping,11
Up to the shore the soft waves creeping,12
Time to our young love keeping,13
While hours flash by.14
A single bird flying between the two columns of the poem. 1/32 page.
Down in the yellow bay,15
We took our cheerless way,16
He and I ;17
The shivering autumn wept and wondered,18
As on the shore the wild waves thundered ;19
We knew that we were sundered,20
While hours rushed by.21
Down in the yellow bay,22
There wandered yesterday,23
Not he, but I ;24
Chill winter on the cold sea lying,25
Upon the shore the long waves sighing,26
An old grey woman crying,27
While hours wore by.28
Two birds flying towards the right of the page. 1/16 page.