Lover, Samuel (M)

Surname: Lover
Forename(s): Samuel
b. 24 February 1797. d. 6 July 1868. Nationality: Irish. VIAF.
Painter, illustrator, songwriter, poet, and author. Born in Dublin. Moved to London in 1814. Published and illustrated stories in the Dublin Penny Journal, the Dublin Literary Gazette, the Irish Penny Magazine, and the Dublin University Magazine (which he founded with Charles Lever, George Petrie, and William Carleton). Associated with the founding of Bentley’s Miscellany with Dickens (contributed to the periodical’s design). Biographical information: ODNB.

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 15
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
The Bridal of Galtrim 1860-01-21 Once a Week Poet 254
I’ll Never Forget That, Ma’am! 1860-02-18 Once a Week Poet 259
The Maiden Masque 1861-02-23 Once a Week Poet 434
The Poet’s Home 1862-11-01 Once a Week Poet 926
Something Worth Having 1863-01-31 Once a Week Poet 459
Paddy O’Rafther 1863-05-09 Once a Week Poet 483
The Call in Vain 1864-07-23 All the Year Round Poet 3175
Written in the Sand 1865-01-07 All the Year Round Poet 3185
A Wish and a Warning 1865-06-17 All the Year Round Poet 3194
A Romantic Existence 1865-07-15 All the Year Round Poet 3195
No Followers 1865-10-14 All the Year Round Poet 3198
A Blush. “The Eloquent Blood” 1866-03-31 All the Year Round Poet 3211
A Contented Proprietor 1867-01-12 All the Year Round Poet 3274
The Irish Mule-Driver 1867-01-26 Once a Week Poet 12080
St. Patrick’s Day 1867-03-16 Once a Week Poet 12127