Arlette. A Man’s Remembrance

Figure descriptions
Multi-part illustration divided into two main sections. In the first section, a woman stands in a field preparing a bundle of grain. She looks behind her left shoulder. A second woman crouches over in the distance, tending to the field. There are trees in the background. This section is contained within a single-ruled rectangular border. It is superimposed over the left two-thirds of a blank rectangular space with a dark, medium-weight border; the first part of the poem text is let in to the remaining blank space. Both the first section of the illustration and the blank space with the poem text are superimposed onto the second section of the illustration. The second section of the illustration depicts enlarged grains, grasses, and wild flowers. They extend upward and toward the top-right corner from the bottom-left corner of the illustration. The background is lightly shaded. The full illustration is contained within a single-ruled border. 3/4 page.