Gold and Silver

Figure descriptions
Multiple scenes form a full border around the poem text. In the top-left corner, a boy and a girl walk alongside a body of water. They hold hands and the girl bends over, pointing toward the ground. Grasses and wild flowers grow along the water’s edge. A tree stands behind the children and a flock of birds flies over houses in the background. Trees and a church stand on the horizon in the top-center of the border. In the bottom-left corner and along the bottom-center of the border, multiple figures gather in a city street. A man walks on the sidewalk and a woman stands behind him in the distance. Four women stand together in the middle of the street, and a figure travels into the distance on a horse-drawn cart. The building façades line the left side of the scene. A flock of birds flies over the roofs. In the bottom-right corner, two figures link arms and walk through a gate toward a distant church. In the top-right corner, there is an enlarged cluster of bells with five descending ropes. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.