On the Last Day of the Year

Figure descriptions
A girl holds a kitten up to her chest and leans her head against its back. A dog sits on a chair next to the girl and looks up at her. There is a small table with a table cloth beside her. A vase with flowers sits on top of the table. There is a decorated folding screen behind the girl. Full-page illustration contained in a single-ruled border.
The hand-drawn poem title, “On the Last Day of the Year”, is contained within a rectangular border. An hourglass is placed between the words “last” and “day”. The rectangular border is partially surrounded by flowers, leaves, and other foliage. The plants break the border along the top edge. On both the left and right sides, the plants extend down the page to form a partial border around the first section of the poem text. The poem and the plants are separated by faint vertical lines. 1/4 page.