Category: At least one illustration is a headpiece.

At least one illustration is a headpiece placed above the poem text. A headpiece is placed at the beginning of the poem. It is usually a rectangular illustration that runs the full width of the poem text. Can include illustrated titles.

Poems assigned to this category

Total poems: 33
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
Compensation Meredith, Louisa Anne 1861-09-14 Once a Week 846
Popular Epithalamium on the Marriage of the Prince of Wales Massey, Gerald 1863-02 Good Words 1572
Spring’s Secret Green, Saretta 1877 Good Words 2646
Staffa Japp, Alexander Hay 1877 Good Words 2658
Followers with Him Greenwell, Dora 1878 Good Words 2768
One June Morning Langbridge, Frederick 1878 Good Words 2751
The Schoolmistress Craig (Knox), Isa 1878 Good Words 2767
Off to “The House” Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1879 Good Words 2799
Summer Japp, Alexander Hay 1879 Good Words 2788
Two Songs Greenwell, Dora 1879 Good Words 2791
You’ll Never Guess Langbridge, Frederick 1879 Good Words 2779
“Thine They Are” Garnett, E. 1879 Good Words 2789
That Merlin Cried to Humanity M C G. (poet; Century Guild) 1884-04 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 15984
April Falconer, Alexander 1887 Good Words 5433
An Easter Text Poulsson, Emilie 1888-04 Atalanta 1770
Flowers from the South Chapman, Elizabeth Rachel 1888-07 Woman’s World 651
Charity Symons, Arthur 1888-09 Woman’s World 653
Triolets Sayle, Charles 1888-09 Atalanta 1788
Exultate Deo Rossetti, Christina G. 1888-10 Atalanta 1828
At the Saeter How, William Walsham 1889 Good Words 5547
On the Last Day of the Year Maitland, Ella Fuller 1889-01 Atalanta 1841
The Crocus King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1889-03 Atalanta 1848
The Roses of St. Elizabeth Tuttiett, Mary Gleed (pseudonym Maxwell Gray) 1889-11 Atalanta 1953
Peace Levy, Amy 1890 Woman’s World 1042
The Mountain of the Holy Cross, Colorado, U. S. Heath, Helena 1893 Good Words 5048
The Legend of the Christmas Rose Macalpine, Mary 1893-01 Atalanta 2251
Autumn: A Dirge Shelley, Percy Bysshe 1895-02 Atalanta 2329
Unforgetfulness Little, F. D. 1895-06 Atalanta 2341
A Japanese Song Hopper, Nora 1897-08 Atalanta 2415
Pantoum. Falling Leaves. (A Lament) Hill, Grace H. 1898-10 Atalanta 15920
Keats Hopper, Nora 1899-01 Atalanta 15935
The Answer. (Kyvielle) Young, Ruth 1899-05 Atalanta 15949
Song Icarus (pseudonym) 1899-07 Atalanta 15964