Figure descriptions
Two-part headpiece. At the center, an outdoor scene is contained within a double-ruled circular border. The scene depicts a body of water which is bordered by land on the left-hand side. There is a small fence in the foreground, and leafless trees line the hills. A building stands on a hill in the background. There are rolling hills in the distance across the water. The circular illustrated section is superimposed onto a rectangular illustrated section; the latter is contained within a triple-ruled border. The inner portion of the rectangular illustrated section depicts branches with compound leaves set against a dark background. The outer portion features a dense assemblage of inset circles. 1/8 page.
Symmetrical tailpiece in the shape of an elongated diamond. At the center, two cherubs reach up to hold a hexagonal ornament inscribed with the letter, “S”. Ornamental vegetals, including foliates and fleurons, extend outward from the center. 1/16 page.