Category: Generic-appearing decoration.

Poem has at least one decoration, which appears to be generic. Note more specific values. Includes glyphs.

Poems assigned to this category

Total poems: 112
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
The Parent’s Prayer for the Children 1862-07 Good Words 12289
Popular Epithalamium on the Marriage of the Prince of Wales Massey, Gerald 1863-02 Good Words 1572
Soul-Gardening Greenwell, Dora 1863-04 Good Words 1578
An Old Sermon with a New Text MacDonald, George 1864 Good Words 1615
The Nightingale Thackeray, William Makepeace 1864 Good Words 1619
Three Cups of Cold Water Plumptre, Edward Hayes 1864 Good Words 1728
A Highland Romance Parkes (Belloc), Bessie Rayner 1866-02-01 Good Words 1793
The Lost Piece of Silver Craik, Dinah 1866-02-01 Good Words 1794
Hope and Memory Howson, J. S. 1866-06-01 Good Words 1802
Harvest E. A. S. (poet; Good Words) 1866-09-01 Good Words 1811
Home at Last Congreve, T. 1866-10-01 Good Words 1814
Summer Norris, Alfred 1867-08-01 Good Words 1871
A Wind out of the West Simcox, George Augustus 1868-06-01 Good Words 1903
A Love Match Simcox, George Augustus 1868-08-01 Good Words 1909
Dance, My Children! Macleod, Norman 1868-09-01 Good Words 1914
Cold and Quiet Ingelow, Jean 1870-01-01 Good Words 2006
Defton Wood Ingelow, Jean 1870-01-01 Good Words 12514
The Two Margarets. II.—Margaret in the Xebec Ingelow, Jean 1870-04-01 Good Words 2016
From Home to Home Simcox, George Augustus 1870-07-01 Good Words 2023
A Gentlewoman of the Old School Dobson, Austin 1871 Good Words 2137
A Retrospect Fraser-Tytler, Christina Catherine 1871 Good Words 2118
In the Harvest Field Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1871 Good Words 2121
Basilides Greenwell, Dora 1872 Good Words 2192
Loose Leaves Massey, Gerald 1872 Good Words 2152
The Death of Columba Blackie, John Stuart 1872 Good Words 2205
The Remonstrance Warren, John Byrne Leicester 1872 Good Words 2203
The Sea Monsell, John Samuel Bewley 1872 Good Words 2138
Trust 1872 Good Words 2153
An Old Road Smedley, Menella Bute 1873 Good Words 2443
Canada to the Laureate Machar, Agnes Maule 1873 Good Words 2442
In the Woods Jenner, Alice Hay 1873 Good Words 2441
Poems for New-Year Time 1873 Good Words 2469
Progress of Our New Church Turner, Charles Tennyson 1873 Good Words 2421
Sonnet—Love for the Young Smedley, Menella Bute 1873 Good Words 2438
Thoughts 1873 Good Words 2450
Dead Dreams H. (Good Words) 1874 Good Words 2506
Echoes Japp, Alexander Hay 1874 Good Words 2508
Hymn to the Saviour Palgrave, Francis Turner 1874 Good Words 2510
I.—The Young Sailor’s Song M. B. (Good Words) 1874 Good Words 2478
II.—The Old Sailor’s Song M. B. (Good Words) 1874 Good Words 12391
In Memory of Dr. Livingstone Charles, Elizabeth Rundle 1874 Good Words 2493
No, Love, No! Bendall, Gerard 1874 Good Words 2505
Songs for Children Betham-Edwards, Matilda 1874 Good Words 2497
The Easter Decorations Cambridge, Ada 1874 Good Words 2489
The Emigrant Lassie Blackie, John Stuart 1874 Good Words 2518
A Quartette of Sonnets Marston, Philip Bourke 1875 Good Words 2544
A Lament A. C. C. (poet; Good Words) 1876 Good Words 2592
A Year Ago Nesbit, Edith 1876 Good Words 2624
Church Music Cooper, Katharine (also Katherine) (née Saunders) 1876 Good Words 2604
Cinderella. A Child’s Song of the Season Buchanan, Robert Williams 1876 Good Words 2620
My Broad Domains Capern, Edward 1876 Good Words 2590
Sonnet on a foreign warship’s salute to the Queen’s standard at Osborne, 1875 Campbell, John 1876 Good Words 2614
A Woman’s “No” James, F. 1877 Good Words 2649
Died Happy Craik, Dinah 1877 Good Words 2651
Spring’s Secret Green, Saretta 1877 Good Words 2646
Staffa Japp, Alexander Hay 1877 Good Words 2658
The Death Chant of Regnar Lod-Brok Greenwell, Dora 1877 Good Words 2635
The Erle Queen. On London, Westminster, or any other Bridge. Greenwell, Dora 1877 Good Words 3399
The Evening Time A. C. C. (poet; Good Words) 1877 Good Words 2643
The Legend of Loch Uisk in the Island of Mull Campbell, John 1877 Good Words 2640
Valley Streams G. (Good Words) 1877 Good Words 2636
Winter Tokens Capern, Edward 1877 Good Words 2663
“The Wheels of God” Outram, George S. 1877 Good Words 2630
A Picture Blackmore, W. P. 1878 Good Words 2666
A Song of Arran Brown, David 1878 Good Words 2665
Loch An-Dorb Bennett, William 1878 Good Words 2671
One June Morning Langbridge, Frederick 1878 Good Words 2751
Our Dream Noble, James Ashcroft 1878 Good Words 2752
The Haunted Man Gibbs, William Alfred 1878 Good Words 2748
The Schoolmistress Craig (Knox), Isa 1878 Good Words 2767
Under the Tree Nesbit, Edith 1878 Good Words 2675
“Blessed are they that mourn” Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1878 Good Words 2674
All Through the Day Greenwell, Dora 1879 Good Words 2802
Beside a Little Grave Spens, Walter C. 1879 Good Words 2793
Importunity Ingham, Jane Sarson Cooper 1879 Good Words 2795
Off to “The House” Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1879 Good Words 2799
On Hearing a Lark in January J. A. P. (Good Words) 1879 Good Words 2782
The Two Mirrors C. M. L. F. (Good Words) 1879 Good Words 2806
Two Songs Greenwell, Dora 1879 Good Words 2791
A Maiden’s Message L. G. M. (poet; Good Words) 1880 Good Words 3606
A Plea for the Dumb Animals Drury, Anna H. 1880 Good Words 3555
The Madonna Di San Sisto Scott, William Bell 1886-10 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8945
Flowers from the South Chapman, Elizabeth Rachel 1888-07 Woman’s World 651
Charity Symons, Arthur 1888-09 Woman’s World 653
A View Near Taranto Ross, Janet 1888-10 Woman’s World 655
Birds of Passage. (“A lost chance flies owre the sea”) Watson, Rosamund Marriott 1888-11 Woman’s World 657
Late Autumn Paton, Frederick Noel 1888-11 Atalanta 1832
The Shepherd Hollins, Dorothy 1888-12 Woman’s World 659
The Birch-Tree at Loeschwitz Levy, Amy 1889-06 Woman’s World 671
In the Pine-Woods Mullins, Alice 1890 Woman’s World 1059
Marguerite Cross, Edythe H. 1890 Woman’s World 1066
Peace Levy, Amy 1890 Woman’s World 1042
When I am Dead Levy, Edith Grace 1890 Woman’s World 1047
“Hope.” On G. F. Watts’s Picture Hollins, Dorothy 1890 Woman’s World 1043
Dirge Maitland, Ella Fuller 1890-07 Atalanta 2039
Hope Richardson, Robert 1893 Good Words 5036
The Mountain of the Holy Cross, Colorado, U. S. Heath, Helena 1893 Good Words 5048
Evening Miller, Frank 1894 Good Words 5073
The Day is Done Slimon, James MacKintosh 1894 Good Words 5069
“Why Fail We Ever of the Best?” Hill, William K. 1894-08 Atalanta 2309
Unforgetfulness Little, F. D. 1895-06 Atalanta 2341
A Roundel of Rabelais Rabelais, François 1896 Pageant 1084
David Gwynn—Hero or “Boasting Liar”? (From “Historical Problems”) Watts-Dunton, Theodore 1896 Pageant 1094
Four Quatrains Addleshaw, Percy (pseudonym “Percy Hemingway”) 1896 Pageant 1096
Pallas and the Centaur. After a Picture by Botticelli Moore, T. Sturge 1896 Pageant 1100
Cupid and Campaspe Lyly, John 1896-12 Atalanta 2388
A Postscript to “Retaliation” Dobson, Austin 1897 Pageant 1101
A Japanese Song Hopper, Nora 1897-08 Atalanta 2415
The Answer. (Kyvielle) Young, Ruth 1899-05 Atalanta 15949
A Night-Moth. (Vivelai Nouveau) Rowland, May 1899-06 Atalanta 15958
Song Icarus (pseudonym) 1899-07 Atalanta 15964
Song Icarus (pseudonym) 1899-09 Atalanta 15977