A Stray Sunbeam.

I will tell you what madness is,” said one of the patients in the Asylum,
madness is a Sunbeam gone astray, and I am that Sunbeam.”
M. S. Journal.
Decorative initial letter “A”. The letter is contained within a square and is superimposed over a vegetal pattern.
A sunbeam gone astray1
Upon life’s clouded sea ;2
A sunbeam that has lost its way3
Amid infinity ;4
Lonely, bewildered, tost5
By phantoms of despair,6
All but its living light is lost7
No faith, no hope, no prayer.8
It sees a light afar,9
But strange bonds hold it fast :10
Was it a new-born star ?11
No matter, it is past ;12
The path to reason’s day13
That light had seemed to show,14
The sunbeam that has gone astray15
Forgets ere it can know.16
Blest are the stars of night,17
Each one a resting place18
Whereon the thoughts, in wearied flight,19
Feel nearer heaven’s grace ;20
But though the stars may beam21
On that lost sunbeam’s way,22
They only show it, with their gleam,23
That is gone astray !24
Yes ! gone astray, but though25
’Tis lost and lonely here,26
It has a way from this “ below,”27
Up to that higher sphere ;28
There will it glad return,29
Like tired “ homeing” dove,30
And in eternal beauty burn31
A sunbeam found above.32