The Torrent.

Decorative initial letter “H” from the word “How”. The letter is contained within a square and is superimposed over a vegetal pattern.
How I delight to watch a rushing river1
When the rain has fallen on the mountains,2
And the bubbles play upon the fountains,3
Welling up with ever restless quiver !4
How I love to see a grey rock shiver5
Tawny waves to spray of silver sparkles !6
See in some deep eddy how it darkles7
Then seems suddenly to stand quite still !8
But a moment does it rest in quiet,9
Then again it brawls, and makes mad riot,10
Mimicking loud ocean !— and its will11
Chafes at slightest hindrance, and is hurling12
Onward fiercely tiny billows curling,13
Rushing, roaring, dashing, foaming, whirling !14