My Dream, Love.

Decorative initial letter “T” from the word “There”. The letter is contained within a square and is superimposed over a vegetal pattern.
There is a spirit comes from above1
And rests upon my pillow ev’ry night,2
Filling the world of visions with delight,3
And singing to my soul sweet songs of love !4
The wonderous land of dreams with thee I rove,5
Made of fair scenes which day has taught my sight,6
Drest by thy presence in a garb more bright7
Than Fairy by enchantment ever wove !8
All the night long—such is the spirit’s pleasure9
I live with thee in summers always fair !10
Amid a troubless world, all calm and leisure,11
My greatest joy—all joys with thee to share !12
Ever I dream thee by my side, my Treasure !13
To wake, alas ! and find thee never there !14