The Rose.

A Sonnet.

Decorative initial letter “I”. The letter is contained within a square and is superimposed over a foliate pattern.
I gave a rosebud to my dearest dear,1
And hid my love between each petal’s fold,2
That to her lips she sweet to sweets might hold3
And with them breathe the love she will not hear !4
Thus I, perchance, may win upon her fear5
That knows my love, yet will not have it told !6
Till her dear eyes shall say to me, “ Be bold,7
And pour thy love into my willing ear !”8
Lie next her heart, my rose, and in thy scent9
Enfold her with the love I’ve hid in thee !10
With thy sweet breath let love’s dear nourishment11
Draw rosy blossom from life’s budding tree !12
And she shall feel that thou art different13
From other roses, and will think of me.14