When I am Dead.

When I am dead1
A stranger hand will close2
The dim, unseeing eyes,3
For I shall die alone.4
I ask no pity, save5
The leniency of God6
For one whose burden weighed7
Too heavy to be borne,—8
A secret, aching care,9
Outbalancing sweet hope.10
But all things have an end ;11
And rest must come to me12
When I am dead.13
When I am dead14
These hands will claspéd lie15
Across the pulseless breast,16
That nevermore the throes17
Of agony can feel :18
Above the silent heart19
That found no joy in life,20
Save only briefest glow21
Of fame, which lights and fades22
Ere one has felt its warmth :23
Perchance more lasting bliss24
May come some day to me25
When I am dead.26
When I am dead27
The tears will doubtless fall28
Upon an icy brow,29
And whispers rise, “ ’Tis sad30
That she should die so young,31
That life, replete with hope,32
Should have such end as this.”33
They will not know, ah me !34
The poet’s sweetest lines35
Are nought to that small phrase—36
“When I am dead.”37
Rectangular tailpiece with a circular flower at its centre. A symmetrical foliate pattern emerges from either side. 1/32 page contained within a single-ruled border.