Symmetrical headpiece of two intertwined bird heads holding vines that extend into foliate swirls in their beaks. They are turned away from the center. 1/32 page.

A Maiden’s Message.

O wind, that wanderest o’er hill, and vale, and sea,1
Blow round the home where he sleeps peacefully,2
And breathe upon his brow a loving kiss from me.3
O golden “ maiden moon,” so calm and pure and bright,4
Shed round and o’er him thy soft, tender streams of light ;5
Tell him how well I love him—tell him so to-night.6
O stars all silvery-bright, set on that deep, still blue7
Stars that are watching o’er us both the long night through,8
Tell him my love for him is pure like you—and true.9
O great, grand, snow-white clouds—slow drifting o’er the sky10
Bear to his heart a message as ye pass him by,11
Tell him my love would teach me how to do—or die.12
O great, wide sea, on which the night-winds blow13
Sing in his ears thy music calm and slow,14
Sing to his heart I love him—sing it soft and low.15
O tiny, laughing ripples, dancing on the shore16
O mighty ocean waves, thundering your ceaseless roar17
Tell him I love so well, I could not love him more !18
O moon and stars—O clouds and deep, blue, sunny sea,19
And restless, wandering winds, bear him these words from me,20
My own dear love, I love thee well—and constantly.”21
Symmetrical inverted triangular tailpiece of two winged canine animals within a black border. The animals’ mouths are open and their noses are touching. They are facing a stylized fleuron in the center. 1/32 page.