Poems whose dominant rhyme scheme is: aaa

Total poems: 18
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
The Battle Croly, George 1840-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11460
XLVIII. “I’ve known great wits whose wisdom all has lain” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11303
A Great Man Departed Horne, Richard Hengist 1850-07-20 Household Words 1110
Sorrows and Joys Meredith, George 1850-08-24 Household Words 1126
Stanzas Tennyson, Alfred 1851 The Keepsake 5571
Faces in the Fire Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge (pseudonym “Lewis Carroll”) 1860-02-11 All the Year Round 2725
Dies Iræ Celano, Thomas of 1860-03 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7752
Life and Death C. S. F. (poet; Good Words) 1860-08 Good Words 342
Epitaph on a Solitary Life Scudder, Eliza 1860-08-01 The English Woman’s Journal 1654
The Palmer’s Tale M. (poet; Once a Week) 1865-07-22 Once a Week 946
A Maiden’s Message L. G. M. (poet; Good Words) 1880 Good Words 3606
Ebb and Flow Matthey, Ellen 1890 Woman’s World 1060
York Minster 1890-02-15 All the Year Round 4853
“Ah! word that’s born amidst our blinding tears” Haines, Florence M. 1890-08 Atalanta 12814
The Dusty Miller. Told to a Pet Lamb C. J. M. B. (Atalanta) 1890-12 Atalanta 2056
Dorothy Browne, Marie Hedderwick 1890-12-06 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13170
A Sketch in Water-Colours (To a Friend in the South) Paton, Joseph Noël 1892-07 Victorian Magazine 1538
“Who Rideth Upon the Wings of the Wind” Baker, Ada Bartrick 1900-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7809