In the Pine-Woods.

The summer wind is whisp’ring1
Among the green-topped pines,2
The summer sunlight shining3
Downward in golden lines,4
Between the long dark shadows,5
Across the dry, crisp ground ;6
And all the air is laden7
With summer scent and sound.8
But fairer than the sunlight9
That shines the long day through,10
And gayer than the lark’s song11
That comes from out the blue,12
And sweeter than the ling’s scent13
Borne upward on the breeze,14
Is the face of youth and maiden15
At their tryst among the trees.16
And he is looking downward,17
And she has raised her head18
What do you think they came for ?19
What do you think they said ?20
The brown bees hum around them,21
The streamlet ripples on,22
The blackbirds sing unheeding,23
In piping antiphon.24
If they could speak they’d tell you25
’Twas no strange mystic lore,26
In mighty words revealing27
Truths never heard before.28
Twas just the old, old story—29
Old, yet for ever new30
I think he said, “ I love you !”31
I think she said so too.32
Symmetrical foliate pattern contained within a double-ruled rectangular border. 1/32 page.